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What to Expect

Our Sunday Services consist of about 30 minutes of contemporary worship music followed by a through the Bible verse by verse teaching of the Word of God. Our Bible Study time averages around 45 minutes.  

  • The attire is casual. 

  • We do not take a formal offering. There are brown wooden boxes at the rear of the sanctuary for tithes and offerings.


  • Children from birth to kindergarten meet in our Nursery. Please take your child to the upstairs nursery and sign them in before the service starts.  There is a mother’s room available for those with young children.

  • Children from 1st to 5th grade worship with their parents in the main sanctuary, then are taken to their age appropriate Sunday School Class. Afterwards parents must check them out. 

  • Although we do not prohibit children in our sanctuary during the Bible Study, we ask that if a parent chooses to keep their child in the sanctuary that they sit in the rear in case they need to attend to their child. If a child becomes distracting to the rest of the congregation, an usher will ask that you take your child to the mother’s room where you and your child can watch the service.


  • After the service everyone is invited to join us for refreshments and fellowship.

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